With our private label or white label services, you are able to choose from more than 100 product formulations to offer your customers. We have spent the time and money to create these proven products so you don’t have to. If you have an idea for the perfect product for your company, we can help with that, too! We have the ability to help you develop and manufacture custom products for your customers. As a “one-stop-shop,” we partner with you from deciding which products are the best for you and your customers through manufacturing and fulfillment. 

Whether you are a large company, or just one person getting started, we are here to help!


At JAG Alliance, we have a team of experts ready to assist you in the right strategic decisions for your company, as well as experts behind the scenes developing some of the best products on the market. With highly skilled laboratory scientists and formulators going through extensive research and development, as well as quality control and testing, you can rest assured you are receiving premium grade products. In addition to our ready-to-ship and private label/white label products with quick turnaround times, we can also work with you to create a range of custom products, including creams, lotions, liquids, gels and serums. 



More and more consumers are purchasing beauty and personal care products with premium quality ingredients than ever before. They are caring more about what ingredients are used in formulations and what they are putting on their body. To make these high quality products, we use the purest quality ingredients with state-of-the-art technologies to deliver the safest, most consistent and effective products on the market. Now you can provide your customers with exactly what they are looking for: great looking skin, hair and nails!



We make it easy to create your own custom products! Simply submit your information by filling out our Custom Product Request Form. Next, we will generate a custom quote within 14 business days. A JAG Alliance Representative will deliver your quote and discuss the next steps. Once final formulas and quantities have been agreed upon, we begin the development of your custom product! Once all components (raw materials, ingredients, packaging, etc.) are in our inventory, your production will be scheduled. The typical turnaround time is 8 weeks. However, due to supply chain disruptions, turnaround time may be affected.