Welcome to JAG Alliance, where innovation meets excellence in Health & Wellness, Beauty and Personal Care. If you’re looking to create your own private label brand, expand your business with high-demand quality products or bring your own product ideas to life, we’re your go-to! We offer an array of wholesale distribution fulfillment and manufacturing to streamline the entire process!

Choose from our huge inventory of ready-to-ship products that have been meticulously developed using premium-grade ingredients and manufactured in our GMP Certified and FDA registered facilities. With some of the lowest minimum order quantities (MOQ), we make it simple and affordable for you to enter the market, expand your business or test new products and markets with minimal risk.

To enhance your experience, we also offer brand design and label creation to ensure your brand has a professional image from the outset. These services are complemented by our wholesale distribution fulfillment and manufacturing, as well as drop shipping options, which provide a comprehensive solution for any business looking to streamline their operations and focus on growth. As the saying goes, we’re not just a manufacturer; we’re a one-stop solution for all your product needs!

Comprehensive Solutions from Formulation to Fulfillment

We understand the challenges your business can have when working with multiple vendors, at the same time, while trying to bring products to market. That’s why we’ve simplified the process by offering an array of services designed to streamline the production and distribution process.

As a leading one-stop-shop, we specialize in every facet of the production process, ensuring that your vision and products come to life seamlessly. Our expertise spans product formulation, precision manufacturing, top-tier bottling, captivating label design, and meticulous label application.

We even go beyond manufacturing; we offer comprehensive dropshipping and fulfillment services to streamline the entire supply chain. With a commitment to quality and innovation, we empower you to bring your products to market efficiently and with confidence.

Whether you are a large company, or just one person getting started, we can provide you the fastest, easiest and most affordable way to accomplish your goals of wholesale distribution fulfillment and manufacturing. Join us, and let’s elevate your business to unprecedented heights with precision, convenience, and undeniable quality.  

wholesale distribution fulfillment and manufacturing

Private Label Customer

We manufacture your products, design and apply your labels, and ship directly to your customers.

wholesale distribution fulfillment and manufacturing, amazon seller

Amazon Seller

We ship your products directly to your customers that purchase from your Amazon storefront.

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Share the benefits of our products with anyone you want, and you can earn commissions from their purchases.

Ways to Get Started with Our Wholesale Distribution Fulfillment and Manufacturing Services

Private Label Products

Do you have a great marketing idea or message you want to share with your customers? If so, with your input and direction, our expert design team can create your own unique brand of private labeled products. Private labeling our high-demand premium-grade products is the easiest and fastest way to have your company stand out from the crowd with your own look, feel and brand. It’s simple to get started. With our turn-key wholesale distribution fulfillment and manufacturing services and a single source solutions, let us help you launch your own branded line of products today!

Looking for a fast, simple, reliable and proven way to provide premium wholesale products to your customers? If so, we’ve got you covered with our National Wholesale Brands; NAYSA, NAYSA Nutra and NAYSA Luxe. These three unique product lines encompass our most popular products in the area of Health & Wellness, Beauty and Personal Care. The best part is, you can immediately start offering any of these products to your customers right away! The only decision you have to make is, which NAYSA products do you want to order to get started?

Choosing to launch your brand with our White Label (No Label) products is a quick and easy way to get started! Here’s how simple it is… select the products you want to offer your customers and we ship them right away! After that, all you have to do is apply your own approved labels and you are ready to go.

Aside from saving you time and money on research and development, there are multiple benefits to white labeling products with your own brand. Here are just a few; access to high-demand proven formulations, minimum order quantities of only 25 qty. per SKU and your products ship within 1-3 days!

At JAG Alliance, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality products to fit all your customer’s needs. One of the ways we do this is by giving you the opportunity to create your own custom products with your own unique formulations. The custom option also gives you the ability to create custom packaging and labeling, which also allows your new products to reflect your brand.

We recommended you only getting started with custom products if you are an established company with experience and an existing customer base due to the fact the minimum order quantities are much higher when choosing custom products.

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