Direct Response

It’s all about results! Our proven online marketing
strategies test the appeal of your product, increase
your sales affordably and build your brand..

Business Consulting

You don’t know what you don’t know. Our extensive
business experience and proven success provides you the right
recommendations to outsmart your competition
and grow your business.

Private Label Products

Creating your own brand can be complicated and lost time means lost revenue. We help you from concept, to getting your own branded products on your shelf.

JV & Partnerships

As the business landscape constantly changes, our experience and network of relationships provide essential support and capital to help you navigate your business and achieve your goals.


With decades of experience in strategic planning, leadership and business model development, we guide you in all aspects of building your business and taking it to the next level.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Our key relationships with major manufacturing and distribution channels around the world provide you with access to the right products and services to ensure your business is unique and successful.

Why JAG Alliance?

Anyone who has ever operated or owned a business knows the fastest way to success is to learn from the mistakes of others and seek the advice of experts.

Great Products

We have 100s of ready-to-go products that will be a great fit for your brand.  Our products are all manufactured in the US to the highest industry standards.

Years of Experience

We are constantly looking for ways to raise the bar for our clients. We know the value of being “first to market”. Our insight helps you stay ahead of current market trends to optimize your success.

Guaranteed Results

The right partner and support can make all the difference. Whether it’s the added knowledge, a different perspective or just another helping hand, the Jag team is with you every step of the way.

Just a few more of the advantages…

Outside perspective
Specialized skill sets
Knows the latest technology and trends

Clarity and vision for the future
Extensive business knowledge
Saves time and money

Our Founders

Aaron Bouren

Co Founder
Responsible for all things marketing related including providing business strategy, leadership, and a vision focused on the future.

Jim Fulford

Co Founder
Responsible for  Global Operations and supply chain logistics from product formulation, fulfillment, technology integrations and end user experiences.

Gregg Sturz

Co Founder

Responsible for business development including sourcing the best raw materials, product development, compliance, marketing and branding to the end user.

Here is what our customers say about us…

"We had been losing business every year to China and our revenue started to shrink.  Jag showed us how to market and attract new business. We were virtually invisible on the web until their marketing team helped us come up on the first page of Google when our prospects were looking for a company like hours.  5 Stars to Jag for sure."
- Larry Alberts, Nunex Manufacturing
"The team at Jag was amazing when we decided to expand our brand overseas.  Not only were they able to help with our marketing plans, but their international contacts were what really made the difference when we needed to get things done in a new environment."
- Andrew Johns, Business Strategist
"We turned to Jag when our management team could not decide on a compensation plan for our team. They guys had SO MUCH direct sales experience.  They knew about every comp plan imaginable, many that I had never heard of, and helped us craft a plan that created the movement in the field that we needed."
- Ana Jones, COO Magnus Nutritionals