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CBD High-Potency Dispersible Powder 65%+ is the latest addition to our incredible lineup of bulk cannabinoid offerings and water soluble products. This ground-breaking CBD powder has been created for maximum bioavailability, and you will not find another water soluble CBD powder with this much active CBD (65%+) like it in the market! It is a proprietary formulation that is taste-neutral, nearly colorless and disperses rapidly.

Produced with Hemp-derived CBD and grown according to organic standards, premium grade, Non GMO, US grown, gluten free, natural, Industrial Hemp Registered, Farm Bill Compliant and third-party tested to ensure they are safe for use and consumption.

CBD High-potency dispersible Powder 65%+ (Water Soluble Powder)

This cutting-edge hydrophilic CBD powder was created using a proprietary technology that effectively delivers to the body 65%+ of pure CBD. CBD High-Potency Powder (65%+) is taste-neutral, nearly colorless, and disperses rapidly for maximum results. It is free of artificial colors, preservatives or artificial flavors and is gluten free. In addition, this unique formulation has been specially encapsulated to maintain integrity within the highly acidic pH of the stomach and to ensure maximum bioavailability!

  • Significantly greater bioavailability for rapid dispersion and absorption
  • Free of artificial colors, preservatives and artificial flavors
  • Appearance: white to off-white
  • Taste: Neutral (flavorless)
  • Vegan friendly and Gluten free
  • Contains a total delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol concentration that does not exceed 0.3% on a dry-weight basis
  • Shelf-life 24 months
  • Meets Florida Food Rule 5K-4.034

Our CBD High-Potency Dispersible Powder is 65%+ potency, so one gram of CBD Powder will contain 650+ milligrams of CBD. In other words, for each milligram of CBD Powder, you have approximately .65+ milligrams of CBD.

Best Used For:
Ready-to-mix formulas such as stick packs, or other powders such as powder blends, beverage enhancers, capsules, etc.

COA's/Labs… The proof is in the results!

CBD High-Potency Dispersible Powder 65%+

We Offer the Highest Quality Bulk CBD High-Potency Dispersible Powder Available… Let us show you what we can do for you!