Grow Your Business with our CBD for Pets Program

CBD for PetsThe CBD Pet market is absolutely booming, from specialty shops to big box stores. In the last decade, we have seen record growth in the pet industry. With more than $60 billion a year being spent on our furry friends, you can see how the industry is exploding! Why? Because pet owners are looking for products that will truly make a difference in their pets lives. That’s why products with probiotics and/or glucosamine are all very popular. But what’s really taking this market by storm, is CBD for Pets! As more and more pet owners are understanding the value of CBD products for their pets, store owners who do not offer pet products with CBD are leaving money on the table!

We use the same CBD formulation that you can find in our high-quality human products. Our CBD pet products are combined with the flavors and textures that your cat or dog will love. With range of strengths and concentrations, you can tailor your CBD pet products to the size and needs of your customers utilizing our CBD for Pets program.

Chewable Pet Treats, Pet Drops and more!