25mg CBD & 3mg THCv per Softgel

With the combination of CBD and tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCv), our Weight Control Softgels is great for helping control your appetite, increasing metabolism and promoting fat loss. The THCv molecule looks similar to THC, but they are derived from different parent molecules and chemical pathways. Derived from hemp, the addition of THCv helps to make these softgels the perfect weight loss product!

25mg of CBD, 5mg of CBG & 6mg of Astaxanthin per Softgel

Keeping your immune system strong and running at its best is incredibly important. The immune system is responsible for combatting germs, bacteria and toxins that may enter our bodies. It’s constantly working, so it’s beneficial to give your immune system ongoing support and what needs! Immune Support Softgels contain 6mg of Astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant with a multitude of incredible benefits.

20mg of CBD & 10mg of CBG per Softgel

Rich in antioxidants, CBD Energy & Focus Softgels provide you with 20mg of CBD & 10mg of CBG per softgel and an incredible proprietary blend of ingredients to support mental endurance to help you make it through the day! The powerful combination of CBD, CBG, Caffeine, Taurine, Vitamin B12 and other ingredients enhance alertness and give you the same boost of energy without any jitters.

25mg of CBD & 3mg of CBN per Softgel

Rest is essential to our overall wellbeing and without restful sleep, our bodies cannot recover and operate the way they should. Sleep Support Softgels with 25mg of CBD help support a good night’s rest. Formulated with ingredients like melatonin, CBN and other ingredients to promote relaxation for a better night’s rest.

25mg CBDa & 25mg CBGa per Softgel

CBDa is the raw, unheated precursor of CBD and CBGa is the precursor of all other cannabinoids. Together, they create a natural defender blend to help combat swelling, reduce anxious feelings, balances mood, promotes clarity and focus and supports reliency to stress.

25mg of CBD per Softgel

Broad spectrum CBD provides the natural derived profile of the hemp plant and promotes an entourage effect (non-detectable THC). Taking CBD Softgels is an easy and convenient way to get your daily serving of CBD.

25mg of CBD per Softgel

Full spectrum CBD provides the natural derived profile of the hemp plant and promotes an entourage effect (includes <0.3% THC), which results from more parts of the hemp plant interacting with your body in order to create a synergistic effect.

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